Irrigation Upgrade

Irrigation Upgrades in Long Island, NY

Every homeowner aspires to have a lush, green yard. However, if your yard has grown over the years, your current sprinkler system may no longer be serving you efficiently. For residents of Long Island, NY, where water is a precious resource, wisely managing its usage is paramount. This is where irrigation upgrades come into the picture.

Upgrading your irrigation system can be a game-changer in managing your landscape efficiently. It’s not just about enhancing the look of your yard, but also about saving water, reducing your bills, and preserving the environment. So, don’t wait until the spring or winter season to consider an upgrade. 

Contact a professional like Brookhaven Irrigation to examine your current system and suggest beneficial upgrades today. Your yard, your wallet, and the environment will thank you. We proudly serve residents throughout Long Island, NY, including:

  • Suffolk County
  • Nassau County
  • Brookhaven
  • The Hamptons

Has Your Yard Outgrown Your Sprinkler System?

An outdated or poorly installed sprinkler system might not cover your entire yard, leading to dry patches and uneven plant growth. Worse still, you could end up wasting water, causing your water bills to skyrocket unnecessarily. If you’re noticing any major issues such as reduced system efficiency or signs of a poorly installed system, it might be time for an irrigation system upgrade.

Updating Existing Irrigation Systems

Renovating or upgrading your existing irrigation systems can make a substantial difference in water usage, saving you both money and precious resources. With the advancement in technology, modern irrigation systems can utilize smart controllers and sensors to ensure uniform water distribution, thereby improving water efficiency and reducing costs. For instance, smart irrigation systems feature smart controllers that adjust watering based on weather conditions, soil type, and plant needs. They even have rain sensors that can halt watering when it’s raining, saving you both water and money.

Another example of an irrigation upgrade is drip irrigation. This system delivers water directly to the plant roots, minimizing evaporation and overspray. This method is particularly beneficial for your landscape if you have a landscaping ring or a garden bed.

In Long Island, NY, it’s crucial to leverage these innovative irrigation technologies to ensure your landscaping thrives while keeping your water bills manageable.

Irrigation Upgrades Help You Save on Water Bills

Upgrading your irrigation system doesn’t just ensure the health of your lawn; it also helps you save on water bills. With high efficiency sprinkler heads, flow control technologies, and smart sensors, these upgraded systems manage water use effectively. Rain Bird, a leading manufacturer in irrigation systems, provides high-efficiency sprinkler heads that deliver water uniformly across your property, reducing water usage and saving you money in the long run.

By focusing on water efficiency, homeowners in Long Island, NY can reap the benefits of an upgraded irrigation system, ensuring your yard stays green without draining your wallet.

How a Professional Irrigation Company Can Help You

Professional irrigation companies like Brookhaven Irrigation offer expert services in sprinkler repairs, sprinkler renovations and upgrades, and sprinkler installation. These professionals can evaluate your current system and recommend necessary upgrades, providing a more efficient solution that meets your unique watering needs. They can replace outdated components like controllers, sprinkler heads, and sensors, thereby improving the whole system’s efficiency.

If your current sprinkler system has been poorly installed or isn’t watering your landscape evenly, consider contacting a professional. They can address these issues, preventing problems like overwatering or flooding, which could potentially damage your property and increase your water bills.

Brookhaven Irrigation: Professional Irrigation Upgrades in Long Island, NY

Brookhaven Irrigation in Long Island, NY, prides itself on providing top-tier irrigation upgrades that are tailored to your landscape needs. We utilize smart irrigation system technologies to ensure that your system operates at its maximum potential, providing optimal water efficiency and saving you money on water bills.

At Brookhaven Irrigation, we understand that every yard is unique, and we’re committed to customizing irrigation upgrades to meet your specific needs. Whether it’s installing a smart controller, replacing old irrigation heads with high-efficiency ones, or setting up a drip irrigation system for your garden, our team is equipped to handle it all.

In addition to irrigation upgrades, we also offer services in landscape lighting, enhancing the beauty of your outdoor space after sunset. We encourage you to browse our website and request a quote for any of our services.


Yes, you can definitely upgrade your sprinkler system. At Brookhaven Irrigation, we specialize in irrigation upgrades to help homeowners in Long Island, NY, manage their water usage more efficiently. From replacing outdated sprinkler heads to introducing smart controllers and rain sensors, our team can tailor an upgrade that caters to your specific landscaping needs. Upgrading your sprinkler system can lead to better water distribution, enhanced system efficiency, and significant savings on your water bills.

Improving your irrigation system can involve a few different strategies. You might consider upgrading to a smart irrigation system, which utilizes advanced technology to deliver water to your landscape more efficiently. These systems use smart sensors and controllers to adjust watering based on real-time weather data, soil type, and plant needs. You could also explore the option of drip irrigation, especially for landscaping rings or garden beds, to directly deliver water to plant roots, reducing water wastage. Always remember that regular maintenance and inspection of your system is key to ensuring its optimal performance and longevity.

Converting your sprinkler system to a smart one involves incorporating smart controllers and sensors into your existing system. These intelligent devices automate watering based on weather conditions and specific needs of your landscape, helping to save water and money. At Brookhaven Irrigation, we can help you upgrade your existing irrigation system with cutting-edge smart technologies. We will replace your traditional controllers with smart ones, add rain sensors to prevent unnecessary watering, and ensure your system is fully optimized for peak performance.

The life expectancy of an irrigation system can vary significantly based on its quality, installation, and maintenance. On average, a well-installed and maintained irrigation system can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years. However, individual components like sprinkler heads and controllers might require replacement more often to maintain high efficiency. At Brookhaven Irrigation, we offer regular maintenance services to ensure your system’s longevity, making sure it operates efficiently and conserves water over its lifespan.

In Long Island, NY, the frequency of lawn watering can depend on several factors such as the type of grass, soil conditions, and weather. Generally, it’s recommended to water your lawn 1-2 times a week, providing about 1 to 1.5 inches of water each time. However, keep in mind that overwatering can be just as harmful as underwatering. That’s where a smart irrigation system can be beneficial, adjusting watering schedules based on real-time conditions. Brookhaven Irrigation can help customize your irrigation system to ensure optimal watering for your specific landscape, promoting healthier growth while minimizing water usage.